If there is one thing that can unite all Malaysian foodies together, it is our love for all spicy food and curry is one of the dishes that can be seen across adapted to different Malaysian cuisines from Indian fish head curry, Malay duck rendang to Chinese ‘Hainanese’ chicken curry.

In celebration of Malaysia Day, we bring you five different variations of the wonderful curry – a dish that unites the nation.

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Hainanese Chicken Curry at The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Now available as part of the Sunday Tiffin lunch at The Colonial Café, the Hainanese chicken curry is a Chinese variation of the spicy concoction inspired by the Hainan region in China. Instead of the usual thick consistency, the Hainanese curry sports a more soupy consistency that does not use coconut cream in its making and has blooming flavours of galangal and chilli oil.

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Indian Fish Curry at Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur
In October 2013, Mosaic at Mandarin Oriental released a new buffet menu that had foodies across the city abuzz with excitement. One of the highlights in the new menu is the Aiwaini Macchi Curry – a creamy fish curry with huge chunks of red snapper cooked with onion, tomatoes and freshly ground Indian spices. Since its debut, this wonderful Indian delicacy has garnered quite a large following of loyal patrons at Mosaic.

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Rendang Itik at Bijan Restaurant
For a touch of modern innovation in traditional Malay cuisine, diners need only visit Bijan Restaurant – one of the staple fine dining Malay restaurants in KL. The duck rendang is a must-try for those who want a fresh take on the traditional rendang curry dish featuring deep-fried marinated duck legs topped with an aromatic sauce. Here, you are greeted with crispy duck skin followed by juicy marinated duck meat that are all coated with a layer of aromatic rendang curry.

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Beef Rendang at Doubletree by Hilton
We are all familiar with the beef rendang dish, which is a staple in traditional Malay cuisine but Makan Kitchen at Doubletree by Hilton uses a premium cut that will bring a whole new experience to your palate. After being marinated in more than a dozen spices, the ribs are braised to a melt-in-the-mouth tenderness that will have you salivate for more after the first bite. The meat will literally fall off the bone with the slightest nudge from a fork, which means there is no cutting or extreme manoeuvring required when you eat this dish.

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Kari Ambila Kacang at The Saujana Hotel
The newly opened Charcoal restaurant is the perfect place for those who love a sumptuous spicy Nyonya dish. Dubbed as “Auntie Belle’s Nyonya Classics”, the spicy offerings in the menu are astounding. For a good Nyonya curry, try the Barkke Kari Ambila Kacanga flaming hot and spicy braised beef dish served with crunchy long beans. With its mellow aroma, this dish is deceivingly hot on the palate, which only hits after a few bites into the meat. So have your glass of water ready to combat the heat.


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