Chinese New Year always starts with a toss of prosperity with yee sang to bless the year ahead for great wealth and better health. While salmon yee sang seems to be the signature go-to platter, there are actually many other delicious and more luxurious variations that one can toss with like king crabs, abalone and even octopus.

3- Li Yen.jpg - Li Yen Yee Sang

Li Yen’s 'Mexico' Abalone Yee Sang
Abalone is long known in Chinese cuisine as one of the most luxurious ingredients and while many opt for the typical canned abalone slice, Li Yen takes it up a notch with the Mexico abalone, priced at RM1,000 per platter. With such a luxurious topping, it will definitely attract more wealth and fortune to the coming year but make sure your enthusiastic toss doesn't flip that delicious chunk of abalone off the table.

2- Chynna - Hilton.jpg - Chynna Yee Sang

Chynna’s Alaskan King Crab Yee Sang
We all love our crab meat and what better way to enjoy this juicy and sweet meat than on our yee sang plate. Chynna restaurant at Hilton KL offers the scrumptious Alaskan King Crab for its yee sang platter; the sweet and tangy vegetables sides are the perfect match to highlight the natural sweetness of the crab meat.

1- Celestial Court.jpg - Celestial Court Yee Sang

Celestial Court’s Maguro Tuna Yee Sang
Like we said before, salmon may be the classic choice but we all know that Japanese Maguro tuna takes the throne when it comes to texture and flavour. After all, tuna is the more favoured fish in Japan, home of all raw delicacies, and Celestial Court does an amazing job in creating a beautiful and delectable Maguro tuna platter.

4- TheWestinKualaLumpur-FiveSen5esChineseNewYearBrouchure-2014-3.jpg - Five Senses Yee Sang

Five Sen5es’s Boston Lobster Yee Sang
Lobster has always been a signature at The Westin Kuala Lumpur and for your coming Chinese New Year banquet, you can have a decadent yee sang platter made with a colossal Boston Lobster at Five Sen5es. Fresh juicy lobster meat paired with marinated vegetables and drizzled with homemade sauce – what more can we ask for?

0- Shang Palace copy.jpg - Shang Palace Yee Sang

Shang Palace’s Japanese Octopus Yee Sang
Tired of the thinly sliced chewy salmon on yee sang? Why not try something with a more springy texture like the Japanese Octopus yee sang at Shang Palace. The marinated mini octopus scattered over the platter contrast the crunchy and tangy vegetables creating a unique texture and flavour as compared the conventional yee sang.


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