It’s been a long week. All you want to do is round up your ‘troops’ and indulge in the go-to comfort of a sizzling, robust and hearty meal. Korean BBQ joints are devised for just that, outfitted with cushy seats and often thematic settings designed to make you stay for a fifth order of raw meat to grill. Head for Kuala Lumpur’s own ‘Koreatown’ or better known as Ampang, where homesick Koreans flock to for some serious grub. Here are 5 places in the hood to get smoked, the Korean way.

Jung Won Korean BBQ Untitled design (8).png (original size)

Korean BBQ can’t get more relaxing than this dining venue famous for its green space featuring a koi fish pond and watermill. Jung Won’s long-standing reputation (since 2002) has not faltered – its BBQ offering maintains top-notch standards and variety, while service crew; hospitable and attentive. Rave reviews and customer photos prove it on their Facebook page

Hanwoori Untitled design (11).png (original size)

If you’re looking for a classier spot with well-illuminated interior, Hanwoori sets the tone as well as table top with a bounty of prized meat cuts, banchan sides and Korean favourites. Depending on the type of meat, different BBQ grills are used to bring out the ideal fragrance and taste of crowd favourites like marinated beef steaks and pork belly. Visit their Facebook page.  

688 Korean BBQ restaurant Untitled design (9).png (original size)

Aside from a wide range of authentic Korean dishes like steamboat, dakgalbi and steamboat, 688 is revered for its premium BBQ menu. Not just any meat makes the cut – US-imported fresh beef belly, soju-infused scallop and curry-marinated pork keeps loyal customers returning for me. You can even opt to take it up a notch by requesting for different levels of spiciness! Glimpse their highlights here

 Jal Dae Ji Untitled design (7).png (original size)

Then there’s the BBQ spot that boasts a no-frills, homey environment like Jal Dae Ji. Here, the owners flavour their meat with age-old family recipes and tip customers on how to properly enjoy the grilled meats. The menu features mouthwatering, marbled beef cuts, fatty stripes of pork belly and even seafood. You have to see it to believe it on their Facebook page

Sweetree Untitled design (10).png (original size)

Unlike most pork-centric BBQ choices in Koreatown, Sweetree is the only Jakim Halal restaurant offering authentic Korean food. Encompassing a large variety from soups, to pancakes, kimbabs to topoki, Sweetree also offers the traditional self-grill beef short ribs or grilled sliced beef brisket that comes with a sesame oil dip. Peruse the menu on their official site

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