From one celebration to the next, the Malaysian calendar is never short of festivities.

So even though Christmas is barely a month behind us, we have reason to come together again, this time with our fellow Malaysians of Chinese descent and celebrate the arrival of their New Year.

And while festivities revolve around gathering and giving in a traditional way, the centrepiece of any celebration is food.

With that said, and with many meals in mind, here are 5 restaurants that will help welcome a prosperous ‘Year of the Rooster’:



Hilton KL’s Chynna is fiddling with tradition by introducing a fruit based yee sang. But fret not, because Chef Lam hasn’t gone off the reservation and is leaving in plenty of decadent favourites. Learn more about their menu.

Tao Chinese Cuisine

Intercontinental KL.jpg(source)

Tao at InterContinental Hotel is making subtle modern variations that prove the devil is in the details. A little passion fruit is added to the yee sang and salted egg yolk to fried prawns, but all make for a delicious 8-course meal. Find out more.

Shang Palace

Shang Palace.jpg(source)

5 different menu options await families at Shang Palace in Shangri-La KL, promising a prosperous, fortuitous, joyful and wealthy Chinese New Year with delicacies like abalone, lobster and soft shell crab. Learn more about the 5 sets.

Five Sen5es

The Westin.jpg(source)

Five Sen5es at The Westin KL are prepared across the board with yee sang, three set menus, and dim sum brunch. Abalone, scallops and duck are served across the menus, along with an assorted variety of seafood and greens. Learn more about them.

Lai Po Heen

Mandarin Oriental.jpg(source)

With three dinner sets and two lunch sets, Lai Po Heen at Mandarin Oriental KL is also spreading the prosperity and happiness with a touch of longevity too. The dim sum lunch menus promise as much delight as the delectable dinner sets. Find out more.

Don't forget the little treats that complete the Chinese New Year; check out Shangri-La KL's offerings.

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