Who doesn't like anything breaded, deep fried and then served with a bowl of rice, shredded cabbage and a bowl of piping hot soup to wash it down with? 

Katsu, short for the word cutlet in Japanese, applies to breaded and deep fried meats that have long been a staple of Japanese cuisine since the 19th century. Tonkatsu, essentially breaded and fried pork cutlet, is the most common form of katsu-type foods.

In Japan, there are many ways to enjoy this culinary pleasure and in true Japanese fashion, specialist chefs and restaurants have dedicated their lives to mastering the perfect katsu, be it pork, chicken, beef or even fish.

Malaysia is lucky enough to be home to a few dedicated katsu restaurants and because nobody dislikes fried foods, here are 5 places to get your katsu fix:

Tonkatsu Anzu, Isetan The Japan Store

Tonkatsu Anzu.jpg (original size)

Photo: Courtesy of Isetan The Japan Store

Recently opening its doors for the first time outside of Japan in Isetan The Japan Store, Tonkatsu Anzu, as the name suggests, are masters of fried pork cutlets. The restaurants offers different cuts, a myriad of ways to enjoy the beloved dish, special sauces to eat your tonkatsu with, as well as beers to compliment your meal. According to the restaurant's website, Pork fillets are aged for seven days to tenderise the meat, then are breaded and deep fried at 160 celsius to keep the outside crisp without losing the meat's juices.

 Tonkatsu by Ma Maison

Ma 2.jpg (original size)

Photo: Courtesy of Tonkatsu by Ma Maison

Yet another tonkatsu specialist, Ma Maison over in Publika, 1 Utama and Main Place, Subang, serves a variety of delicious breaded and fried pork. However, that isn't the only reason worth visiting. Fried oysters, prawns and other meats done à la katsu can also be found on the menu, adding variety and different ways to enjoy this particular style of Japanese cooking. Factor in unlimited rice, soup and cabbage refills and it's a deal hard to turn away.

 Tonkatsu by Wa KitchenTonkatsu by Wa Kitchen cropped.jpg (original size)

Photo: Courtesy of Tonkatsu by Wa Kitchen

Tonkatsu by Wa Kitchen over in Pavilion also specialises in this particular area of Japanese food. Tonkatsu can be enjoyed virtually any style and the restaurant features a hearty bowl of tonkatsu udon on their menu among other specialities. Simple, tasty and oh so satisfying. 


Tori 2.jpg (original size)

Photo: Courtesy of Toridoki

Although not a katsu specialist, Toridoki over in Desa Sri Hartamas serves a delicioius take on the Japanese favourite. The popular eatery serves kushikatsu, Osaka style yakitori that breads and deep fries meats and vegetables in the same vein as tonkatsu but served on a stick. Diners then dip their breaded and fried sticks in a rich kushikatsu sauce (only once) or either have it with a little bit of chilli sauce or salt.

 Manmaru Udon

Manmaru Udon.jpg (original size)

Photo: Tien Chew/Malaysia Tatler

Situated in Mid Valley Megamall, Manmaru Udon is yet another eatery that doesn't specialise in katsu-style offerings yet instead has their area of expertise in udon. Instead of pork, chicken is used for their katsu items in the restaurant and as seen above, udon and chicken katsu make for an inviting meal when served with hot curry.

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