Between 'eat to live' and 'live to eat,' we Malaysian's generally fall into the latter category. But every so often, a thoughtful and kind person seizes the oppurtunity to improve someone else's life through food, and they never fail to get the support of the community around them.

So if you are looking for a place where you get to eat and someone else gets to live a better life, here are 5 cafés and restaurants where you can help their cause:

Charlie’s Café

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The café that’s brought the UFO tart across the South China Sea has been serving its community since 2015. Charlie's Café and Bakery's ‘Pay it Forward’ initiative allows diners to buy meals and pin the receipts on a designated wall to be redeemed by the needy, like a food voucher. To know what else the husband and wife duo do for the community, visit their official Facebook page.

Mango Chili

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While Thai cuisine serves your tastebuds, Mango Chili has been serving underprivileged children through ‘The Food for Good Project’ where they match every meal you purchase with a meal for a child in need. To date, this restaurant has contributed to the Dignity for Children Foundation and the Trinity Children’s Home. Find out how you can help on Facebook.

Project B

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Project B is a collaboration between the BIG Group, Berjaya Cares Foundation and the Dignity for Children Foundation. While you enjoy their food, the café provides education and work experience to underprivileged children at their premises, as well as donates all proceeds to the charity partner. To learn how you can get involved, visit them on Facebook.

Agak Agak

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Agak Agak has some major chops behind it – Chef Ili Sulaiman and Chef Basira Yeusuff. Along with their contemporary Malaysian cuisine, their mission is to recruit “youth from marganalised communities to attain a holistic, practical apprenticeship in the world of F&B” with the hopes of creating chefs of the future. Learn more about Agak Agak at their official website.

Kechara Oasis

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Kechara is no stranger to the world of social initiatives, and Kechara Oasis carries on its holistic mission by carrying the flag for vegetarianism. The restaurant, with outlets in Jaya One and Viva Home Mall serves twists on Chinese, Tibetan and Nepali cuisines while encouraging conscious eating and supporting the parent Kechara organisation. Visit their official website.

Life requires a balance, and for everything you do for others, don't forget to treat yourself; maybe even to one of these places for Japanese shaved ice desserts.