We know, we know, St Patrick’s Day is all about the pints. But we believe that every special celebration should be all-inclusive, whether one is a drinker or prefers to enjoy their alcohol in a different way.

 Here’s a suggestion: instead of hitting the pubs and drinking till you drop off your bar stools, round up a bigger troop to explore various alcohol-infused dishes and drinks that feeds the soul and doesn’t fall far from the boozy tradition.

 This St Patrick’s Day weekend, seek out these 5 spots for boozy treats.

  The Red Beanbag  edit 17308843_1275096995903198_4580407865810052079_n.jpg (original size)

This brunch institution offers a mean selection of alcohol, from craft beers to homemade cocktails. Take for example, this gluten free Brewdog pale ale that agrees to the gluten intolerant and goes down smooth with light dishes, whilst keeping you sufficiently jolly. Find out more here

 MyGoldBar edit MYGOLDBAR 15672775_349356682109791_5293407656780170128_n.jpg (original size)

Getting ready for a round of hardcore drinks? Start early with a wholesome meal with beer pairing at this aptly-named restaurant. Aside from beer, they also carry an array of wines, whiskeys, ciders and boozy creations. The menu thoughtfully suggests the right booze to accompany your choice of mains to put you in the right frame of mind. Discover the magic here

  Souled Out edit souled out 17098541_10154468033717149_9024341548610315506_n.jpg (original size)

Why stick to pairing Guinness with your food when you can pair it with a Guinness-infused meal? SOULed Out gets crafty with stout throughout March with dishes like Guinness-battered fish and chips, Guinness-infused mini lamb sliders and Guinness beef goulash, because everything tastes better with a slosh of booze. Eat your heart out here.  

 Taps edit taps 13124801_1210502175656619_1611584991936164778_n.jpg (original size)

If Irish beer isn’t your cup of tea, take the party to Taps where you’ll be spoilt for choice with an endless array of beer on taps: the ever-rotating beer menu means you might be making this a regular watering hole, which entices patrons even more with taster sets and live bands that drum up nostalgic hits. Turn on the faucet here

 Interlude interlude-guinness-float.jpg (original size)

Floats take us back to our earliest childhood memories, and let’s be honest, adults are secretly kids at heart. Interlude’s Guinness float encourages you to be both, with this boozy, creamy, ice-cold pint. St. Patrick will approve of this crème de la crème toast of the joint’s extensive alcohol menu. Rock your boat here

 Drink on the craft beer trend pervading the city with this guide to 5 craft beer venues to haunt when the sun goes down.

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