You know what they say about eating well by colour? The trend for different colour food groups has been attracting adventurous foodies for their feel-good benefits. If you’re keen on adding more colour to your plate, start by saving yourself the stress on deciding the next colour to eat.

The seven most important colours of the food group take pride of place in feeding your colour-hankering soul, through these five ingenious creations. 

Be warned: they’re anything but restrictive.

Dynasty Paradiseedit 15181682_1289740917712844_285446815910933544_n.jpg (original size)

This Chinese restaurant serves up the most delicious lucky number eight that takes shape in its Specialty Dynasty xiao long bao. Eight soup dumplings are wrapped in different coloured skins that encase robust flavours like ginseng, foie gras, black truffles and crab roe. Discover this contemporary spin to a beloved classic at their official website

 Grandmama’sedit 12743623_961788660536132_1671888021318821554_n.jpg (original size)

No rainbow list is complete without mention of everyone’s local favourite, ABC. When you feel like splurging on the calories, head for Grandmama’s ais batu kacang where you can indulge in a stellar version of the shaved ice, a tower studded with sweet red beans, chendol ribbons, lychee, grass jelly –to finish, a topping of vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of rose syrup and gula Melaka. Drool on over here.

 Bowery Petit edit 17198162_10154788188635804_2105193573_n.png (original size)

Great things happen when you cross New York delicacies with Mexican influences, one fabulous invention being the rainbow bagel up for grabs at Bowery Petit. Undoubtedly the star of the deli, the piñata-like bagel is baked to chewy perfection, slathered with a thick layer of cream cheese with a ‘fun-fetti’ frosting, because one rainbow is never enough. Get baked at their official site.

 Bisou bake shop edit 14054450_1064725253564023_4963232917912752596_o.jpg (original size)

You can count on these blocks of multi-coloured sponge to turn any frown into a smile. Dainty, cute and (not) made for sharing, this rainbow square is made from slender, colourful layers of fluffy sponge sandwiched with cream cheese frosting, a slather of emerald icing, and a sprinkle of confetti. More colourful delights on their Facebook page

 La Boca edit maxresdefault.jpg (original size)

Now that you’ve tasted the rainbow, wash it down with a prism of colour at La Boca! The rainbow shooters of pretty colours will soon give way to 'lethal' effects, with combos that go from mild to hard, with cocktails like Boca Ball and Cucaracha, Mambo King and Mexican Revolution – that rival any happy ending. Tip it back with more colourful offerings at their official page.

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