[Editor's Note: The restaurants listed are non-halal]

Ramen is so important to the Japanese that they gave the world one of the most convenient foods that cooks in three minutes – cup noodles.

When it comes to the real deal however, ramen can be delicious, hearty, incredibly satisfying and cooked in a variety of styles distinct to different areas in Japan.

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Ramen usually comes in either miso, shoyu (soy sauce), shio (saltor tonkotsu (pork bones) broth bases and the five noodle houses featured here specialise in either one or a mix of some.

Before you dive in, remember, there's only one true way to eat ramen and yes, that includes slurping your noodles till the last strand.

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Bariuma Ramen

Bari-Uma.jpg (original size)Photo: Courtesy of Bariuma Ramen

Originating from Hiroshima, Bariuma Ramen combines the Japanese words for "super" and "tasty", promising a steaming bowl of ramen with a medium bodied rich tonkotsu shoyu broth topped with the usual fan favourites. With dozens of stores in Japan, it's not difficult to see why this ramen joint has set up shop here.

 Menya Musashi

Gantetsu.jpg (original size)Photo: Courtesy of Menya Musashi

Although it has been around fow a few years, Menya Musashi still manages to hold its own at Isetan, One Utama. The restaurant's signatures are chewy noodles in a heavy tonkotsu soup topped with thick pieces of pork. Order the black garlic ramen for a real flavour kick and checkout their Facebook page here.

Ramen Santouka

Ramen.jpg (original size)Photo: Courtesy of Ramen Santouka Malaysia

A Hokkaido based ramen shop, Santouka achieved fame after its founder decided to make his own ramen after one uneventful dining experience. The original shio ramen here is famous for its easy-to-enjoy soup, use of thin noodles and succulent pork cheeks. Click here to plan your trip.

Menya Shi Shi Do

Menya-Shi-Shi-Do.jpg (original size)Photo: Courtesy of Menya Shi Shi Do

From Hokkaido (north) to Fukuoka (south), Menya Shi Shi Do serves Hakata styled ramen. Ippudo may have popularised the style of ramen but Menya Shi Shi Do proves that the ramen chain giant isn't the only one who knows how to make a delicious bowl of noodles. You can find more info here if you can't wait to sample that delicious soup.

Menya Kamikaze

Kamikaze-2.jpg (original size)
Photos: Courtesy of Menya Kamikaze

Unlike the rest on this list, Menya Kamikaze is an original homegrown Malaysian brand. Because of this, the Japanese chef running the kitchen has created a creamy and milky soup that he says is favoured by locals. Located in One Mont Kiara, click here to find out the latest scoop from them.

In case you're wondering why so many ramen restaurants start with the word "menya", fun fact, it's Japanese for noodle shop.

Go on, go get your ramen fix.

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