It has been a wonderful year of gastronomical wonder and we have thoroughly enjoyed uncovering this culinary journey, while taking you along for the ride.

As we approach the New Year with the promise of more new eats, we look back at 2016 and compile a short list of shortlists that have attracted the most of your attention and most likely fuelled many of your cravings (as they did ours).

With the gift of data, the ability to crunch numbers and a little sprinkle of magic we’ve picked out 5 (of 49) of the most viewed of our weekly compilations, as picked by you and your curious appetite and thumbs.

So here are 2016s top 5 Tatler 5s:

5. Nexus, Bangsar South


The Klang Valley is blessed with many food hubs but none interested you more than Nexus, Bangsar South. We shortlisted 5 restaurants that caught our attention, but just as the skyline continues to get scrapers, Nexus will continue to get restaurants on the ground, and will probably continue to generate interest.

4. Banana leaf rice

Banana leaf.jpg(source)

It’s of little surprise that Malaysians love banana leaf rice; the variety, the spices and the flavours make it irresistible. We compiled our list of 5 banana leaf rice restaurants following in-depth research into the history and traditions of the south Indian meal to ensure no missteps before getting your hands dirty.

3. All you can eat dim sum

Dim Sum.jpg(source)

From one Asian cuisine to another, Malaysian palates know what they like and aren’t afraid to show it; and in this particular entry we also showed we aren’t afraid to eat a whole lot of what we like. These 5 places to indulge in all the dim sum you can eat will keep the siew mai coming and the baskets stacking high.

2. Japanese brunch buffets

Japanese brunch buffet.jpg(source)

While Japanese food is usually consumed in small amounts and in moderation, it’s actually understandable that you would want a lot more sushi, sashimi and tempura. Our compilation of 5 Japanese brunch buffets whetted your appetite again and again, as you spent your weekends going for seconds and thirds.

1. Sushi bars

Sushi bars.jpg(source)

Japanese cuisine gets the 1-2 finish because you, me and every other Malaysian just can’t get enough of it. Sushi is perhaps the most well known of Japanese food and when we shortlisted 5 sushi bars that offered freshly made sushi in front of your very eyes, everyone kept coming back to check them off their list.

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