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With a commanding view of downtown Kuala Lumpur, Marble 8's new home on the 56 floor of Menara 3 Petronas is a welcoming addition back into the F&B scene.

A popular destination for steak lovers in the city, the restaurant has recently opened its doors once again after relocation. In the spirit of having a new home, the restaurant has also introduced a new menu.

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Take a step into the restaurant’s new premises and you won't be blamed if you aren't able to spot any major aesthetical overhauls. Marble 8 manages to retain its signature steakhouse chic vibe, with an emphasis on dark wooden furnishings and even darker leathers.

While the ambiance is comfortingly similar, the tone is slightly altered. Gone are the wide lofty spaces in way of more intimate table settings.

To see what else has changed since our last visit, Malaysia Tatler takes a trip to Marble 8 for an overdue meet.

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We start our meal with an order of lobster salad. Fresh lobster with a light serving of ikura, caviar, thinly sliced green apples and onions, this appetiser is a great way to get the palate excited for oncoming dishes, thanks to its clever balance of the five tastes: umami, saltiness, sweetness, bitterness and sourness.

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Part of the restaurant's new menu is dedicated to the lunch crowd, with quesadilla being one of the options to chose from. The tortilla is crispy and toasted, housing spiced minced beef, sour cream, guacamole, herbs and spices in each roll. Taking a bite with everything intact can be slightly tricky, but the reward is well worth the risk.

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Get your daily dose of recommended greens in the form of kale soup. Packed full of earthiness and slightly salted, the broth is slightly savoury and the chewy greens help to add texture to the dish. A few capers help to add bursts of saltiness, rounding out this nutritious soup.

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Soft to the tooth, this angel hair pasta with house-made chilli oil and bottarga (Italian salted cured fish roe) is a flavour powerhouse with a slightly spicy end to each forkful. The noodles are the star, with a wonderful garlicky and herbal tang that accentuates the pasta. The bottarga on the other hand, tops the pasta off with salty sensations.

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Grilled salmon served on a bed of quinoa and peas with a dollop of avocado purée is a fantastic choice for a main. It's healthy, flavourfully cooked and incredibly wholesome. The peas are sweet with a bit of pop, giving the quinoa a tasty companion. The fish itself is well cooked, juicy and chock-full of taste. This is one dish you don't have to feel guilty for enjoying.

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It wouldn't be right to come to a steakhouse and not order a steak, hence the dry-aged tenderloin on the bone's appearance on our table. Peppery and crusty with a slightly beefy tang at the end thanks to the aging process, all this quality cut needs is a sprinkling of salt to enjoy.

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If you're a fan, Marble 8's crème brûlée is the real deal. Creamy, chilled and with a perfectly glazed caramel disc, this dessert is sure to please at the end of the meal.

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Looking for something flambéed with alcohol instead? Crêpe suzette done at your table is sweet, warm, cool and tart with a satisfying hint of liqueur at the finish. 

The recently reopened Marble 8 manages to offer a refreshed take on an otherwise already fantastic restaurant, still offering great steaks, quality alternatives to beef and inventive fare, now with an amazing sky view to boot.

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