The brains behind the fine dining-esque Indian restaurant Kumar’s have expanded into the casual dining scene with a new restaurant. Tifin at the newly opened DC Mall is 50% new and 50% familiar, blending together the flavourful and aromatic cuisine with a wholly unassuming environment – by that I mean: Tifin looks nothing like an Indian restaurant.

The modern, industrial-like design makes Tifin look a lot more like a restaurant serving eggs benedict and roasted chicken than fried egg curry and murgh malai tikka; there isn’t an oversaturated colour palette, no elephant or maharaja figurines randomly strewn about and no frilly drapes in sight. The up-to-date aesthetics is a bold step forward but definitely a welcome one.

On the more familiar front, Tifin delivers the same quality of delicious food that Kumar’s is known for. Everything here – from the spice mixes to the marinades – is made from scratch by the very capable chefs, and it pays off in spades, separating the restaurant, like Kumar’s from your run-of-the-mill Indian restaurant.

Here are some of the things (from a considerably long menu) you can look forward to at Tifin:

Chicken Briyani

Chicken Briyani.jpg(source)

‘Standard’ is not an attractive description, but if you’ve had Kumar’s biryani, then you know their standards are high. The unconventional delight here are the little pomegranate seeds that offer a burst of sweetness with texture.

Tomato Rice

Tomato rice.jpg(source)

Another base to absorb all the delicious curry and masala offerings, the tomato rice is made with all natural ingredients and no food colouring.

Fried Egg Curry

fried egg curry.jpg(source)

Simple on the face of it, but unbelievably satisfying nonetheless. The freshly made spice mixes shine through in this curry while the egg serves works like a sponge absorbing it all and delivering a flavour punch to your palate.

Mutton Bone Marrow

Bone marrow.jpg(source)

A signature dish that will definitely satisfy marrow enthusiasts. But even non-marrow eaters will enjoy the masala mixture that coats every centimetre of the marrows.

Murgh Malai Tikka


While tandoori is something to be expected, the Murgh Malai Tikka was the star of my lunch. Despite its pale looks, the chicken leg packed an incredible amount of flavour and after listening to the laundry list of ingredients in the marinade – that include almonds, cream and cheese – its complexity became obvious.

Tifin Toddy

Tifin Toddy.jpg(source)

Not actually toddy, Tifin’s concoction is a cocktail made to mimic it. A mixture of top secret spirits and ingredients, the drink is sweet, refreshing and reminiscent of the best toddy you can have.

Tifin is located on the first floor of DC Mall. For more information call 03 2011 2969 or visit Kumar’s Facebook page.

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