In celebration of this year's Mid-Autumn Festival, Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur is offering a healthier alternative to mooncakes. Unique and elegantly designed mooncakes are still on the menu but tweaked with a lower level of sugar content. 

All of Grand Hyatt's red bean, white lotus, white lotus with single yolk and white lotus with double yolk come with less sugar for a less sinful celebration. All handcrafted, 4 snowskin varieties are also available in black sesame, green tea, pandan and lotus flavours. Prices begin at RM26++ per piece or RM102++ per box.

Orders can be placed beginning 10 August 2014 whereas those who want to readily purchase them can do so beginning 19 August 2014 at JP Teres cafe. Those who order 100 boxes or more will also enjoy an exclusive discount privilege of 15% off. Early birds who place their orders between 10-18 August are also entitled to 15% off when they place an order for 20 boxes and above.

For more information or reservation enquiries, please call 03 - 2182 1234 or visit the official website at

All mooncakes from Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur are pork-free.

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