Main bar.jpg (original size)The Handpainted Latin Influenced Empress Dowager | Photo: Tien Chew/Malaysia Tatler

Nestled on the top floor of the WOLO Hotel building in Bukit Bintang, Mr Chew's Chino Latino Bar is the latest haunt by the folks behind Troika Sky Dining and just as you would expect, this new venue doesn't disappoint.

From the moment you enter till the moment you leave, it's hard to dismiss the establishment's sleek décor and fun ambiance.

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The venue is segregated into a different spaces, each with their own vibe and feel yet still relating to the bigger theme – the confluence of two major cultural influences.

Dessert Bar.jpg (original size) Photo: Tien Chew/Malaysia Tatler

The restaurant has two floors, with the lower floor having a main dining hall and a few private rooms, while the upper deck features smaller rooms and dining areas, allowing for a quieter mood and a more intimate dining experience.

When it comes to libations, Mr Chew's stays true to its name, housing four bars: one in the main dining hall, one on the upper deck, a dedicated Kirin Ichiban bar and a dessert bar.

Dessert Bar.jpg (original size) Photo: Tien Chew/Malaysia Tatler

While the restaurant exudes a charming atmosphere, it is the food and drinks that will give diners ample reasons to keep on coming back.

For a great time, here is our recommended eats and drinks to ensure you leave with a smile on your face.

Dranks.jpg (original size)Photo: Courtesy of Mr Chew's Chino Latino Bar

Start your evening with one of the bar's signature cocktails, the Take-Away G&T or the Frida Frozen, two easily enjoyable concoctions that refreshes and whets the appetite. Light, well balanced and tasty, these drinks help pave the way for the next course.

Nori Taco.jpg (original size) Photo: Courtesy of Mr Chew's Chino Latino Bar

Next, follow up your meal with the wildly popular nori tacos, taking tempura-fried seaweed and stuffing it with salmon sashimi, ikura and sushi rice. An incredible flavour and texture combination, take one bite and you'll definitely be thinking about ordering seconds. Trust us.

Catfish Char Siew.jpg (original size)Photo: Courtesy of Mr Chew's Chino Latino Bar 

Instead of ordering a second helping of nori tacos, opt instead for the catfish char siew bun. Delicious fatty caramelised barbequed catfish gets paired with Thai-inspired greens and sandwiched between a crispy fried man tao. Pure ambrosia. 

Desserts - Dessert Tacos.jpg (original size)Photo: Courtesy of Mr Chew's Chino Latino Bar

For the main, don't miss the pan seared barramundi with a laksa tasting sauce that really livens up the juicy and toothsome fish with with a tangy spicyness. The sauce's recipe comes from founder Eddie Chew's family, who the restaurant is also named after.

Desserts - Dessert Tacos.jpg (original size)Photo: Courtesy of Mr Chew's Chino Latino Bar

If you really still want a second helping of tacos, go ahead and order some dessert tacos, featuring an assortment of flavours that will make you wonder why you have never had these before.

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