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The Emperor Subang A favourite of those in the Subang vicinity, The Emperor dishes out a multitude of pork-free delicacies.
Lai Ching Yuen KL City Centre Although the selection is mainly Cantonese in nature, subtle Sichuanese and regional Chinese influences are discernible in certain specialities.
Strato KL City Centre This may be the more casual option at Troika Sky Dining, but it is still sky dining on the edge of KLCC park, with glorious views of the city.
La Risata KL City Centre Nestled along a row of shophouses in Persiaran Ampang, La Risata is known for its tasty, generous portions and superb service.
Noble Mansion Petaling Jaya The restaurant comes with thematic sections, giving diners the opportunity to dine in different ambiences for a varied experience every visit.

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